Company: PYARost Digital


Specialties: Liquid Markup, Third Party Integration, Basic Customization

Phil's Activity

Past Sandpile(s)

May 26 2015
(May 27 in AUS)
Host Multiple Sites Using Liquid Markup - view recording
Are you wondering how to leverage a single Business Catalyst subscription to host multiple websites? In this Sandpile, Phil Marcuson will share some of the steps he’s . . . . view details

Other Activity

Oct 12 2016

Idea Vote: Social Sharing with BC - 29786573

Aug 18 2015

Idea: Modify a Non-BC Template for BC
Put together some best practices and possibly step-by-steps to modify a purchased theme (i.e. from Themeforest or WrapBoostrap) and best utilize the out-of-the-box features of Business Catalyst.

Jul 30 2015

Idea Vote: Member messaging within Sandpile - 29786573

Jul 30 2015

Idea Vote: Tutorial for "Build a members zone/portal" like on Sandpile - 29786573

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