April 14 2015 (Apr 15 in AUS)

Let's get Visual - Using Mind Mapping for Website Navigation and Content Development with Patrick Baker of Mindlogik.

Have you ever completed a project only to find out that your client has expectations that go way beyond the scope of the project? One of the challenges facing Business Catalyst Partners is conceptualising the website design and navigation with the client in an intuitive and easy to adapt format.

Mind mapping is a technique that provides a great way to quickly record ideas, associations and connections and to map out a website design and structure.

It is also a tool that can be used to manage:

  • The complete web development process with; Staged sign-off linked to a mutually approved project schedule.
  • Provide a collaborative platform for rolling out a staged project with sign-off by the client to minimise 'scope' creep.
  • This webinar will cover the development of a website concept from start to finish with question and answer opportunity.

RECORDING: Let's Get Visual: Mind Mapping for Business Catalyst Projects

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