March 31 2015 (Apr 1 in AUS)

Macros are helpful in doing all sorts of tasks. From testing to data management, these automation tools can save you hours of time.

In this BC Sandpile Matthew Knighton from MRK Development will show you how to go from start to finish with Macros, and how to share macros with the Business Catalyst community.

Lets get these robots working for us!

Topics to be covered:

  1. What are Browser Macros?
  2. Install the Browser macro tools
  3. Getting Started - Recording a macro testing your site
  4. Using macros for performing deletion tasks - removing spam comments
  5. Adding lots of Shipping variations with a macro
  6. Using CSV files
  7. Sharing Macros
  8. Q and A

SLIDES: Slides
EXAMPLE: Examples

RECORDING: Save Time with Business Catalyst Robots

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