January 6 2015 (Jan 7 in AUS)

You might say that Membership Sites are all the rage.

In fact, number 6 in the top 15 Digital Marketing and Social Media Trends for 2015. From Social Media Today we hear that ...

Businesses will look to other ways to create engaging communities. This means outside of the traditional networks like Facebook & Twitter, but on to your own site. Think memberships and exclusive content.

We are planning to have a number of Sandpile sessions this year on Membership sites, and we kick this theme off with a Think Tank Sandpile.

Which 'out of the box' BC functions are perfect for Membership Sites?

Some suggested topics discuss -

  • What are the best join up processes?
  • What experiences have you had in setting up regular payments, and are some payment gateways better than others?
  • What community building functionality does Business Catalyst have?
  • What would you like to learn regarding a membership site?, and
  • What kind of membership sites are out there?

Come and share what you know, ask about what you’d like to know and we will try to source community experts to help our collective knowledge of membership sites grow.

RECORDING: Think Tank: Membership Sites

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